How to Make Money on PalmPay

How to Make Money on PalmPay

Nothing beats the idea of making money while spending money. Since the inception of PalmPay

in 2019, it has created a secure and fun way for its users to carry out banking transactions while

also earning and saving money. Licensed under the Central Bank of Nigeria Mobile payment

regulatory authorization to provide Mobile Money services, PalmPay guarantees fast and reliable

payments, and its users can say goodbye to charges and hello to countless rewards. It offers an

alternative for making simple transactions instead of using your traditional bank account.

PalmPay also offers service charges that are minimal when compared to most traditional banks.

Making money on PalmPay has never been easier. You can make money on this e-wallet and

online payment platform doing the littlest of things. Users of PalmPay can earn money through

cashback, bonuses, and rewards. With PalmPay, you can send money to other users, withdraw to

your bank account, receive funds into your account, recharge airtime, and also settle bills.

Performing these transactions accumulates rewards points that can be redeemed at any time.

Read on to learn about the various ways on how to make money on PalmPay.

1. Palmpoints

Reward points, known as Palmpoints, are earned from making transactions on PalmPay. The

majority of the transactions you would do on PalmPay are rewarded with discount coupons or

Palmpoints. PalmPay gives new users various coupons that can be used to get discounts on the

different services available on PalmPay and more coupons can be collected in various places

within the app.

Now, to the mathematics of how Palmpoints work. Palmpoint is the unit with which PalmPay

measures your reward for using the platform. 1 Palmpoint is equivalent to 1 Naira and it can be

used to get as much as a 50% discount on future transactions made on the PalmPay app.

Likewise, for airtime recharges, the first time you recharge 100 Naira on PalmPay, PalmPay

gives you 15 Palmpoints and from then on, you will continue earning cashback on all subsequent

airtime transactions.

Here’s an example of how you can use Palmpoints. Let’s say you have 100 PalmPoints and you

want to recharge airtime of 200 Naira. Your 100 PalmPoints will automatically give you a

discount of 50%! This means that you will spend only 100Naia for a 200 Naira airtime recharge.

Interesting right?

2. Bonus on Bills

Ever thought you could make money even while paying bills? Well, this is what you get

whenever you use PalmPay for paying bills such as electricity bills and Cable TV subscriptions.


PalmPay gives you a 2% bonus in form of Palmpoints whenever you use the app for paying your


This bonus only applies to the first 5 bill payments you make per month.

3. Referral

Another way to make money on PalmPay is through referral. Whenever someone signs up on

PalmPay with your referrer code and they carry out their first transaction, you get a reward of

300 Naira! Your friend also shares in the benefit as they will get 75 Palmpoints upon registration

and after carrying out their first PalmPay transaction, they get rewarded with another 75

Palmpoints. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

4. PalmForce

With PalmForce, you can earn real cash in place of the usual Palmpoints. PalmForce works just

the referral rewards. When you invite people and they create an account, your reward will get

paid directly into your PalmPay account. However, you are only eligible to join PalmForce if

you have referred up to 5 people successfully on the PalmPay app.

Additionally, whenever your referrals make transactions on PalmPay, you will earn bonuses

depending on the transaction amount.

5. Awoof Moni

Awoof Moni is a referral feature that can be used to make money on PalmPay. In Awoof Moni,

both you and the person you sent an invite to will be rewarded. This invite does not necessarily

have to be your referral link. For instance, it can be an airtime coupon of 100 Naira. You can

send this coupon to a PalmPay user or a friend who is not yet registered on PalmPay.

As soon as it is redeemed or a PalmPay account is created to claim it (in the case of a non-

PalmPay user), you will get a cashback of 100 Naira. Therefore, by simply sending invite

coupons or referring friends, you can get free airtime recharges on PalmPay.

6. The Lucky Game

PalmPay users also make money with the Lucky Game. The Lucky Game is a way to win

different cash prices, coupons, discounts, airtime coupons, and lots more. While it is possible to

win nothing in this game, performing frequent transactions on PalmPay can increase your

chances and also get you more opportunities to play the game. Also, since it is a game of luck,

the cash prizes you win may vary each time.

7. PalmPay Services and Fees

While PalmPay services and fees may not earn you money, it surely helps you to save money.

The low fees on transactions that PalmPay charges are one reason it is adopted by many since its

service charges are low compared to most banks.

PalmPay does not charge you a dime for the first three transactions you make in a day and

subsequent transactions will only cost you 10 Naira each time.

8. PalmBuy

Still on the lookout for more ways to make money on PalmPay? Well, there’s more! PalmPay has

a feature on the app called PalmBuy where users can buy physical products like phones and


One favorite promotional feature that most PalmPay users wait on is the 50 Naira Grab Deals

that take s place in the app. The 50 Naira Grab Deals is similar to a mini-lottery that runs daily

for some of the products available to buy on the app.

Here is how it works. You get to bid 50 Naira for the deal of the day and a winner is chosen

randomly from all users who place a bid. If you are lucky to be the winner, the item will be

delivered to your doorstep free of charge! Sounds unbelievable, right?

Want to know another cool thing about the 50 Naira Grab Deals? Everyone who partakes in the

bidding gets a chance to increase their money as the 50 Naira used for the bidding will be given

back as at least 60 Naira in coupons! This is another easy way to collect some extra discounts

when you run out of coupons.

9. Promos

Using PalmPay is fun. Although a payment app, it still promises excitement for its users.

PalmPay runs promos frequently from which users can earn discounts, coupons, Palmpoints, and

many more.

10. Group Buying

PalmPay offers a group discount to users with the group discount feature. Discounts are available

for data, bills, betting, airtime, and electronics items. If 5 people using the app buy something

together, they all get a discount.

PalmPay users earn bonuses for almost everything they do on PalmPay. PalmPay aims to

become Africa’s largest financial services platform and it is gradually winning hearts with the

multiple ways it gives back to its users. Additional ways to make money and earn rewards,

discounts, and coupons on PalmPay include Daily Check-in Rewards, Gemstones, Step and Earn

feature and so on.


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